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Thursday, 21 May 2015

How to find the name of a font

This week I was suppose to give you a tutorial of how to find the name of a specific font and install it on your own computer. Many times I have purchased a file and wished to get that exact same font! But how do you do that without having to browse through hundreds of fonts online?

Well, I once got a tip that I will introduce to you today. Sadly, as I started making the tutorial I realized that it just isn`t that good... When I first tried it out about a year ago, I was looking for two specific fonts and were able to find them using this method, but now I have tried six different fonts, and the program unfortunately was`t able to recognize any of them. But, you may be lucky so have a go! :)

1) Zoom in the text so that it`s pretty big on your screen (you will only need two, three words). Take a screenshot of those words. Make sure you don't get any other graphic in the screenshot.

2) Go to and upload the screenshot there.

3) Often it`s not able to recognize all the letters, so you need to type them in.

4) This will give you a list of font options to choose from. You may find it right there, or at least something similar.

5) Google the name of the font and it will help you find a place where you can download/purchase.

I will also like to share with you some of the places I download and purchase fonts. Make sure that you read the Terms of use, just like with graphics. Many font can be downloaded for free if it`s for personal use only. Once you start selling your docs using these fonts, it requires a commercial license which most often costs money. You can click the pictures underneath and they will direct you to the different pages.


And my all time favorite:
If you would like, you can download a whole packet of 300+ fonts from Kimberly Geswein Fonts for personal use, right here! How amazing is that?? :) Have fun!!

Make sure you check out the poll for next week and VOTE! :)

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Beat the Clock - High Frequency Words in Norwegian

After several requests I am finally ready to share how I work with High Frequency Words in my classroom! To day I will share how my students are motivated to read and recognize the first 500 words.

I have used a system that I call "Beat the Clock" in all my grades, from year 1 to year 6. I start by giving each student a printed gum ball machine to glue in their books. If I had only one class of students I would probably hang them on the wall, but I teach about 70 students every day :) You can also laminate them and use them over again next year with new students, but I like the fact that they can take them home at the end of the year.

When we start our center work, I introduce the activity "Beat the Clock" in a teacher led center. Each student recives the first list (set #1 - orange) which contains the first 50 high-frequency words in Norwegian. I also keep a laminated set of each word list at the center. I tell them that these words are the most common Norwegian words and that their reading will be improved a whole lot if they are able to recognize these words quickly. The words need to "stick" to their minds like gum! We call them "Gum ball Words"! :) Therefor we will start an activity where they will practice reading a list of 50 gum ball words in only 1 minute. The words all need to be read correctly and in time. When they are able to do that, they will receive an orange gum ball that they can stick in their gum ball machine, and they will receive their new list of words (set #2 - yellow).

After the introduction, the group of students take turns timing and reading the list. We use a small "hour-glass", but you could also use a digital timer. Before the school year starts I prepare a notebook for each sets of gum ball words where I note down all the results. It`s great to be able to refer to their last results every time we start the center work. Normally I will have 4-5 students in a group, and they will get to read their list about 2-3 times, every time they`re at the teacher led word work station. We do this about once every week. Students take their lists home to practice as well, and believe me, they DO PRACTICE A LOT (!), so you better have the next list ready! After a few weeks my students are normally split over 4-5 different lists :)


In additon to my own gum ball notebooks, I have laminated big gum balls for every list and hung in the window or on the wall. I use a marker to write each students name on the same gum ball as the list they are currently working on. I think it`s a great visual for me and the students, and they love erasing their name and move it up to the next gum ball. Though it`s a race against the clock and some students get very competitive, I have had only positive experiences with this system and the kids get so engaged and cheer on each other to "beat the clock". We have tons of fun :)!

As we only have the gum ball activity at a teacher led station once a week, the students practice the words in a student led word work station one of the other days. For every list there are small flash cards with the words on, that I laminate and put on a key ring. I split the list in half and keep them on separate key rings for the youngest students in year 1 and 2. This means that they will have 1 minute to read 25 words instead of 50 words. The students practice together using the flash cards and a timer. With some classes I have had a notebook on this center too, similar to my gum ball teacher notebook, and asked students to write down their results. This has been more a way of supervising their work.

At the end of every month we have a short Gum ball Award Ceremony. Students that have mastered a specific list of words receive a diploma to take home - this is VERY popular in my classroom! I am also thinking of giving the students a pack of gum when they have mastered all 10 lists :)

I have created the lists in both Norwegian bokmål and nynorsk. Every set contains instructions, a gum ball machine, small gum balls, a big gum ball, the list of words, front cover for the gum ball notebook, recording sheets and flash cards.  You can buy them separately or in bundles. Click the pictures below to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop and pick up your sets today :)!

Set #1 - Orange

Bundle 1: Set # 2, 3 & 4 

          Bundle 2: Set # 5, 6 & 7

Tick-tack, tick-tack... ;)

Friday, 15 May 2015

Using picture frames in your classroom

Oh, summer is nearly here and I know many of you can`t wait to get started on planning the next school year! Today I am showing you how to use picture frames in a very smart way :) I saw the idea on Pinterest and just had to use it in my classroom!

I created a "picture" for each subject and placed them in picture frames (got some cheap white ones on Nille), before I hung them on the classroom wall. On the outside of the glass I wrote the daily learning objectives, using a white board marker. This way you can easily wipe it of with a tissue! Smart? Yeah, I thought you would like that :)! You can grab this Norwegian set of posters in my TpT shop by clicking on one of the pictures below!

Tip! You can also laminate them if you don't want to buy picture frames!

And if you would like to try it out before next school year, I am giving you a little freebie to count down the days until summer vacation :) The cute picture frame I bought on IKEA!

Download your poster here!

Have a nice sunny day :)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

How to lock clipart in a PDF file!

Teachers Technology Thursday is here again and the poll from last week clearly showed that you wanted know how we can secure text and clipart in a PDF. So that`s what we`ll be doing today :)

First in the tutorial I am showing you what can happen if you don't lock your clipart! Most believe that once you save ex. a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF, others can`t reuse any of the images. Well, I`ll show you just how easy it is to actually do this!

You may ask why it`s important to lock clipart etc in your files. First of all you have 3 categories of graphics; free, personal use and commercial use. "Free", normally means that you can use it anyway you like and you don`t pay for it. If it`s sold as "personal" it means that you can only use it in your own work, and you are not allowed to sell or share files that contains this clipart. "Commercial" means that you can create files, adding the clipart and sell/share your files after. BUT, clipart artists, those that sell their graphic work, don`t want people to be able to "steal" or use their clipart without paying for it. They spend hours and hours on their work and even though it`s sold as "commercial use" you may not be allowed to share or sell your files without locking the clipart! You will have to read the artists "Terms of Use" carefully before selling or sharing files where the clipart is not locked. Most artists won`t let you, so you are better of learning how to lock it down!

Click the picture below to see the tutorial!

Make sure to check out the new poll for next weeks Technology Thursday in the right hand column! Have fun and lock your clipart today! :)

Friday, 8 May 2015

How to create your own flash cards using PowerPoint

Hi all :)

Recently I have had so many requests about how I create my teacher resources! I realized it was time to launch "Teachers Technology Thursday":) All you have to do is click on the picture to see tutorial #1; How to create your own Flash Cards in PowerPoint!

Backgrounds, frames and clipart I have purchased through Teachers Pay Teachers or downloaded for free. The kid clipart is from Melonheadz - they have got tons of cute graphics:)! Fonts I usually get from!

Have fun, and let me know if you have any questions or comments:)

Monday, 4 May 2015

I miss you!

Hello everyone!

Finally, I am starting to get back into blogging buisness :) As many of you might already know, we were expecting a new family member March 4th, the exact same date as our first prince was expected two years earlier. This last pregnancy really had it`s ups and downs so blogging was not at all prioritized.. We were 8 days overdue the 12th of March, on our first son`s birthday. Woke up early to sing him the birthday song and give some presents. Right after that I realized that the contractions I had felt earlier were getting stronger and it was time to go to the hospital. Yes, you guessed it! Our second prince were born on his big brother`s birthday:)! Same due date, same birthday. Matteo, our first son, was born March 12th at 02:02 and Millian, our second, was born March 12th 13:58. I can remember our midwife asked me if we should try to extend the birth so that Millian would be born 14:02... I think my reply was something like " H...., no!" :) Born on the same date was good enough for me ;) To make it a little more special, my better half has two kids from earlier relationships, who also shares birth date:)

Millian - 51 cm, 4170 kg

So, time is passing by really quick when I`m at home with these little ones!! Though I love every minute of it, I still miss work and my kids at school! I have received so many texts and emails from students and parents, as well as staff, and in someway it`s nice to know that I`m missed:) I recently got this from one of my students and it really touched my heart...
I have been missing the alone time I had before, creating teacher resources, blogging, late night goggling for great ideas and communicating with my followers here at Joy of Teaching. A teacher is not what I am, but who I am. So I am kinda missing a part of myself when there`s no time for work. 
But as I`m slowly starting to get back to "myself", I wanted to share a freebie with all of you followers! It`s 6 front covers that I attach to file folders, to use gathering work and information to students that were absent from school. This way I can send home a folder with everything they missed and nothing is forgotten:) You can grab the freebie from my TpT-shop by clicking on the image below! It includes both English and Norwegian covers!

I have also uploaded several new items to my shop;


Enjoy everyone - I`ll be back soon! Until then, I`ll miss you ;)

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Alphabet & Blends Posters

Hello again!

Last week I finished up a long time project; creating new alphabet posters for my classroom. Because I teach multiple classes I wanted an alphabet set that matched my blends posters. I have created both a set of English and Norwegian Posters for you! Click the pictures below to go to my TpT Shop!

In the English packet you`ll receive;
- 26 alphabet posters
- 5 long vowel posters
- 5 short vowel posters
- 4 digraphs posters (ch-, sh-, th-, wh-)
- 4 ending digraphs posters (-ch, -ck-, -sh, -th)
- 7 R-blends posters (br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr)
- 8 S-blends posters (sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw)

In the Norwegian packet you`ll receive;

- 29 alphabet posters
- 4 digraph posters (ei, ai, au, øy)
- 2 g for j posters (ge-, gi-)
- 2 silent h posters (hj-, hv-)
- 4 skj-sound posters (skj-, sky-, sj-, sk-)
- 3 kj-sound posters (kj-, ki-, ky-)

Here are some examples from the packets - enjoy :)

English - digraphs

English - long vowel sounds

English - S-blends

Norwegian - Silent h

Norwegian - Dipthongs

Norwegian - Alphabet Posters