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Monday, 11 February 2013

Norwegian 100 High-frequency Word Activity Collection

Today I have put together a collection of activities for the first 100 high-frequency words in Norwegian. Inspiration came from a great teacher I know, Turid Nyg√•rd, who will hold a collaborative teacher session about high-frequency words in Norwegian tomorrow! Best of luck to you:)!

In this download you`ll find:

- 10 fill in activities with small stories
- 10 high-frequency word bingo boards w/100 play cards
- 10 high-frequency word searches w/answer key

I let the students start of with the fill-in activity of the week and further challenge my students to copy write the small stories and make small books with drawings. 

The word search I send for homework or give as an extra activity to those quickly finished students. 

High-frequency word bingo can be played with 2 or more players. They pick a game board and must draw word cards to read aloud. If they have the word on their board they cover it up, if not place it back on the desk.

These activities will give students practice with reading, writing and spelling of the 100 most common words in Norwegian, and can be used both in school and sent home as homework!

Download it in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store here for FREE:) It would be great if you would leave me a feedback:)!

I hope you like it:)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

How to create a Learning Vending Machine!

Today I am presenting how to make a Learning Vending Machine! A fun and engaging resource, that can be used for any grades and subjects! Kids love to make the vending machines themselves and create cards to go with them! A really great way to engage those tactile learners in your classroom :) 

I have used this resource with my ESL learners, Math and Language in Y1 - Y6 and it`s always a hit! Student created vending cards are laminated and they can swoop cards and try out each others. This way we`ll have lots of practice and I save a whole lot of time:)! I always keep the student created cards for next year as well. For the youngest learners I have made some vending machines in A3 (double) size and bigger cards, to make it easier for those small hands :)

You can purchase the whole packet here from my TpTStore:

In the zip file you`ll find:
- Step by step instructions with pictures on how to make a vending machine
- An easy to cut and trace template for vending machine in A4 size
- 2 editable word docs to make vending cards, with examples on how to use with spelling, grammar, vocabulary, math shapes, angles, multiplication... The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy and have fun:)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Socrative - A great tip about online student response system

The other day I received a great tip from a fb follower about Socrative, a online response system for students. My follower used it in class to test her students reading comprehension. I tried it out immediately and found it very useful!

It requires a free teacher register, but no register for students at all. It can be used on any device, from laptops, to smartphones. When you register as a teacher, you are assigned with a room number, and that number is all the students need to get started with your activities.

You can easily create your own quizzes, and also share them with other teachers:)! Each quiz will give you options to run as student paced or teacher paced. You can assign the quiz as an individual test or as a space race, where you team up your students in groups, and they can see the groups progress compared to the other groups - great fun to do in class :)!!

After ended quiz, group or individual, you can download a report in Excel format to see all students answers and total results.

There are still features in Socrative that I havn`t yet explored, but it is definitely a program I will use in class from now on! :)

Thanks for the great tip:)!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Free Editable Computer Book for Students

I have created a printable computer book for assessing and evaluating students ICT skills. In addition you`ll get 5 different computer certificate cards. The document is editable so you can make it fit your schools ICT Curriculum!

I made this book for my mixed grade 3&4 class last year. Students became more aware of their learning objectives and the progress that were expected from them throughout the year. I could easily assess them during or after a lesson on the current objectives, as well as assessing ICT skills used during units and other school projects. Students loved getting stickers in their books and receiving certificates when they had mastered different skills:)!

Fonts used is Comic Sans and American Typewriter. If you don`t have them installed, the fonts may look a bit messy. You can either download the fonts for free online or just change them to other fonts from your computer!

Hope this can be a useful tool for you as it has been for me! You can download it here for free:)! Enjoy:)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Free Online Photo Collage Maker

Here is a great Photo Collage Maker to use with students or even just for personal use. It`s easy and quick with lots of options to choose from. No register needed and collages saves as jpg`s as soon as you`re done:) Here`s a quick example from my classroom!

The collage Maker is called piZap - try it out :)!

Weekly Word Activity Freebie (English & Norwegian)

This week I would like to give you a Word Activity Freebie!!:) It is a great tool to get students think about vocabulary and practice those weekly words. For the younger students I will make a big A3 copy and choose 2-3 words that we work on together during our morning session. Older students can use this individually or work in pairs. They make great displays and can also be put together in a binder or vocabulary book for students to keep!

Students get practice in:
- synonyms
- antonyms
- use of dictionary (definitions)
- grammar (nouns, verbs, adjectives)

Have fun and please leave a vote if you choose to download my freebie:)!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Antonym File-folder Game in Norwegian and English!

A few years back I came over some English books about file-folder games, and I loved it!! It`s so easy to make and fun for students to play! Today I would like to show you a file-folder game I have used in my year 2 and 3 classes. It`s a 2 player game about antonyms that I`ve created using a circus theme for both Norwegian and English!

Front File-folder Norwegian

Inside File-folder (Game boards)

The file-folder game includes 40 antonym pairs as well as blank word card so it`s easy to make your own:)! All you have to do is buy a colorful paper folder, which you can get cheap in any type of bookstore, print the game from my TpT Store, cut and glue the pages and cards and you`re good to go! Your students will love them:)!

The Antonym File-folder game is available both in English and Norwegian from my TpT Store here:

Have FUN:)!